Sunday, September 13, 2015

Battle Tech Illustration

When I was freelancing a few years ago (20 is a few right?), I painted a number of covers for Fasa Corporation.  The artists and art directors at Fasa were great to work with and I enjoyed those assignments immensely.  This was a Battle Tech source book cover titled "Explorer Corps".

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mt Lemmon Drive

Mt Lemmon is located in the Coronado National Forest north of Tucson, Arizona.  At
9,159 feet, the drive up offers great views of the valley and mountain ridges below.
This is a private commission, painted from photo reference that was provided along with the aid of some research. I've hiked in the area and have taken photos but not of this specific view. I relied on the personal impressions from the client for inspiration.
After deciding the basic drawing and composition for this painting, I explored numerous color variations. The studies in the image above were all painted digitally in Photoshop. They allow me to think thru various directions relatively quickly, but I still prefer to create the final color study in oils.

I did 4 oil studies before I felt I was ready to move on to the final painting. The last image being the final study.  These are in my sketchbook and about 9" wide. I refer back and forth to them as I work on the final.
This is a photo of my drawing board with the painting in progress. At this stage the drawing is blocked in with acrylic paint. You can see the final color study on the left, along with various reference photos.
This shows the painting in progress. The plants in the foreground are partially blocked in, the background is in but not quite complete. I generally work from the background to the foreground although I don't finish one area completely before moving on. I make adjustments back and forth as the painting develops.

Mt Lemmon Drive 18x26