Monday, October 20, 2014

Early Illustration work

When I first started out as a freelance artist, I did illustration work for advertising agencies. I painted food products for Kraft and Oscar Mayer, and transmitters for Harris Transmitters.  Velveeta cheese, salad dressing, even illustrations for a hog procurement brochure. I was very grateful to get those jobs.  I was making my living as a professional artist.  Advertising taught me valuable lessons, like making deadlines, and meeting clients. What I really wanted to paint was sci-fi, and fantasy images for book and game covers.  So I created sample pieces and mailed out poor reproductions of them.  I attended conventions and was able to meet a few individuals who were starting up a small gaming company. Some of the first covers I illustrated were for Pacesetter Ltd. in Delavan, Wisconsin.  They  saw that I could paint cheese and knew instantly I could paint zombies riding a roller coaster.
Of course if I could paint hogs, I could paint a werewolf in a nightgown.  Back then I painted in acrylic, oils were too mysterious.  These were painted in 1984-85. I was 6 years old and just out of college.

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