Monday, May 25, 2015

Catalina Mountains, Romero Trail Final

Here's the finished painting. Romero Trail 18x30.

 A few images below, of details. I pushed the abstract qualities and the brushwork.

Artist Statement
I love the struggle of painting. Painting for me is about orchestrating and balancing the elements of beauty found in nature. The elements of color, shape, light, texture and mood are my inspiration. My paintings are personal and emotional interpretations of the land, sky, and atmosphere.   

I love oil paint. The buttery way it can flow off a bristle brush, and how thick paint can be freshly stroked over and into thinner paint. I strive to create exciting and pleasing abstract brush work. Look closely at my paintings and you can see broken impressionistic passages of color and shape. Back away and you'll see the abstract brush strokes become realistic forms of trees, rock, and sky. One particular element that I love to explore with paint is atmospheric depth. As you step back, notice the separation from the foreground to the background, created by value and color. Can you imagine walking through the landscape?

I've made my living as a professional artist for over 30 years. My commercial work has included illustrating book, comic, and gaming covers. I also designed, painted and modeled digital environments for award winning video games. Regardless of schedules and deadlines, I carved out time to paint small landscape studies. Now I am my own client and have the opportunity to indulge my own creativity. I love to paint.  

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