Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cathedral Rock hike

While hiking up and around Cathedral rock I shot a plethora of photos that had great composition.  The difficulty here is what to edit out. At every new turn the landscape was inspiring.  Here are a few of the photos.  I wanted to create a composition that gave the viewer the feeling that we experienced, how the rock formations tower above us.

This is the digital sketch, you can see I used a 3 point perspective to convey the felling of the towering rocks, even though it's a horizontal composition.

 This was the first digital color rough. I liked it but I thought it would be valuable to experiment with various other color ideas. 

I didn't plan to do 16 variations. But it was a valuable exercise.  At this point I switched to oils in my sketchbook to do a final color comp.
This reproduction is a bit yellow. You can see a couple of notes and color swatches. 11x14
I don't have any in process shots of the final but here's my palette and work area.

3 Detail images.
The final. 30x18

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